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Mechanical switch lube station + Tray | 84 Switches | Cherry Mx & Kailh Box

Mechanical switch lube station + Tray | 84 Switches | Cherry Mx & Kailh Box

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These fit 12 to a row and there is 7 rows total resulting in a total of 84 switches that can fit. These are very easy to use and are custom designed after using the typical 50-switch one. The problem I had with those is that you cannot install the top housing when the switch is in place, making it very annoying to remove the switch every time and install the housing. For this design, you can simply leave the bottom housing in the station, insert the spring, insert the stem, and insert the top housing without ever removing the switch. Easy Seamless switch lubing.

This comes with a custom-designed tray that can hold lube containers up to 40x40mm^2 and a larger rectangular section for anything you want. There are also two tabs in order to mount your brush when it is not in use.

This is similar to the wildcat’s lube station on youtube, and I took inspiration from its seamless switch assembly.

These will work with both khail and mx switches and the side profile in which the switch locks on does not really matter within the lube station itself.

These are 3D printed in PETG black.

Thank you for supporting my small business! It is greatly appreciated. Fast free shipping with USPS first class mail. These are 3D printed items so there are some imperfections, these, however, will not affect the usability of the product.

If you need anything custom 3D printing or modeling related, feel free to message me! You can contact me on my website: [](

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