About Senac

Senac is a San Diego based, small 3D printing company focused on niche needs. 3D printing is powerful in the sense where small scale production can be achieved. Lots of my products were created after someone reached out with something they needed.

Senac Engineering - The Print Farm

  • Material Specifications

    All products here at Senac are printed in PETG (unless specified otherwise) for its strength, recyclability, and temperature resistance.

  • Machines at Senac

    The Senac farm started with Ender 3 Pros and in 2022 transitions to a farm of 12 Prusa MK3S+ aswell as a couple Bambu Labs X1 Carbon. The pictures above show the progression of the farm!

  • Printing Experience

    Senac has been in operations since early 2020 and has been going strong! Printed part failure is uncommon, but in the chance you experience any issues, please reach out for help.