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ASSEMBLED | SENAC BREAKER | 72 Mechanical Switch Break In Custom Keyboard Machine Active

ASSEMBLED | SENAC BREAKER | 72 Mechanical Switch Break In Custom Keyboard Machine Active

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Hey, y’all! Introducing my the Senac Switch Breaker!

This is the assembled version. To purchase the kit view my other listings on my store.

This switch breaker will break in your switches for you. I personally designed these to break in my Novel Key Creams and it's been working great!

This mechanism is printed in PETG so it is stronger than PLA, whilst having more heat resistance (Won’t melt if you leave it in your car during summer). It’s also UV resistant so if it’s loud for you, you can leave it outside without concern!

You can also vary the RPM by adjusting the potentiometer screw on the buck converter! Adjusting within 5v-7v is supported, outside of this range is not supported by a micro USB. I'm unsure of the RPM range, but it should be between 100 to 150 rpm in addition to the two actuations per rotation design.

It’s powered by a micro USB cord which will be supplied starting 11/1/2022. This is connected to a buck converter. Ensure your USB cable is supplying the proper 5V and 2A, if not, you may have issues.

If you are using an alternative way to power the buck converter, MAKE SURE YOUR DC 2V-24V.

Starting 11/1/2022 Motor and PCB will be connected via alligator clips. For a more permanent solution, you will need to solder wires yourself, or else the alligator clips will work just fine. This is to reduce costs and assembly time, getting the product to you faster and reducing prices!

I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BROKEN SWITCHES!!! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! I just did some final testing and I was able to get a total of 3 days of continuous usage in with no issues at all. That's 864000 ACUTUATIONS!!! Assuming 100 rpm and 200 actuations per minute.

Here is a sample spreadsheet to calculate your actuations

View these videos for examples of sound and performance!

I do offer support! Feel free to message me! If a part breaks in the future, I also offer replacement parts!


Thank you for supporting my small business! It is greatly appreciated. Fast free shipping with USPS first class mail. These are 3D printed items so there are some imperfections, these, however, will not affect the usability of the product.

If you need anything custom 3D printing or modeling-related, feel free to message me! You can also contact me on my website:
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